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BTCZ Mining info, Profitability, Difficulty etc.

Getting Started

Follow this simple steps to start mining BitcoinZ
Contact us if you need further help
1. Prepare BitcoinZ address

Linux, Windows and mobile wallets

Please use tAddress as username in miner configuration
2. Servers / Ports
Url Port Status Difficulty  
stratum+tcp://worldminer.net:3080 3080 online 0.05 CPU Miners
stratum+tcp://worldminer.net:3081 3081 online 1.00 GPU Miners
stratum+tcp://worldminer.net:3082 3082 online 10.0 Rigs and Massive Farms
3. Setup a miner
To mine bitcoinz you need a Equihash miner. Detailed instructions can be found on the developers' websites.
You can use EWBF Miner or DSTM's ZCASH Cuda Miner for NVIDIA

Download EWBF Miner
Example (start.bat):
miner.exe --server worldminer.net --user t1SJn6PtU7f33JPaqZSnDwQRKbXH4XqW3i7.myworker --pass x --port 3081

Download DSTM's ZCASH Cuda Miner
Example (start.bat):
zm --server worldminer.net --port 3081 --user t1SJn6PtU7f33JPaqZSnDwQRKbXH4XqW3i7.myworker --pass x

Download Claymores miner
Example (start.bat):
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool worldminer.net:3081 -zwal t1SJn6PtU7f33JPaqZSnDwQRKbXH4XqW3i7.myworker -zpsw x -allpools 1

Download Nicehash Miner or Kost optimized for AVX2 miner

Example (start.bat):
nheqminer.exe -l worldminer.net:3080 -u t1SJn6PtU7f33JPaqZSnDwQRKbXH4XqW3i7.myworker -p x -t 8

Windows users may need the Visual C++ Redistributable package to start miner. Download

A video guide is available on the Help page for AMD users